PFS Shelter (Pets for Seniors and Pets for Saving)

Please note: We have a 200 mile adoption radius from Peoria, IL. CATS

Our shelter’s mission:  Pets for Seniors exists to match older animals with senior citizens to promote the health and happiness of both.  

We recently celebrated 20 years of helping and caring for animals.  The shelter was started by our current shelter director Barb Cathey.  At that time Barb was a liaison with PAWS – helping connect older cats and dogs with senior citizens.  As the need for this increased, Barb received a grant and used the money to build a shelter on her property in Edwards.  We were chartered under Pets for Seniors. The shelter has always been no-kill and over the years has developed a reputation of knowing our animals, socializing them so they will fit right in with their adopters and taking care of the medical needs of our older animals as much as our donations allow. 

A while back we created a second program called Pets for Saving which allows us to help younger homeless animals find homes.  Pets for Saving includes kittens and cats and dogs under the age of 6.  

In April of this year, the shelter moved to Peoria and is now in the same building as our resale shop.  We usually have 20 to 30 cats at our shelter and all of our cats have the opportunity to roam freely at the shelter or stay in a clean comfortable enclosure.  We have lots of shelving for them to lay on, cat trees, chairs and of course – lots of toys.  Our dogs are in foster homes since our new location is not zoned for dogs.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the shelter.