PET SMART Adoption Dates in 2021

5001 Big Hollow Rd. Peoria IL 

  • January 25th (Monday) through January 31st (Sunday)
  • February 15th (Monday) through February 21st (Sunday)
  • March 15th (Monday) through March 21st (Sunday)
  • April 12th (Monday) through April 18th (Sunday)
  • May 10th (Monday) through May 16th (Sunday)
  • June 28th (Monday) through July 4th (Sunday)
  • July 12th (Monday) through July 18th (Sunday)
  • August 2nd (Monday) through August 8th (Sunday)
  • September 6th (Monday) through September 12th (Sunday)
  • October 18th (Monday) through October 24th (Sunday)
  • November 8th (Monday) through November 14th (Sunday)
  • December 27th (Monday) through January 2nd (Sunday)



Profits from purchases at our resale shop go to support our shelter! 

We are located at the Sterling Plaza – 3809 Sterling Ave., Peoria, IL.  61615 

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