3809 Sterling Ave. Suite 107 - Sterling Plaza, Peoria, IL. 61615



Visit our cats during open shelter hours every Tuesday and Saturday from 1-3pm.

Appointments can be made by texting or calling 309-446-9721 and leaving a voicemail.

Please fill out a no-obligation application to adopt ahead of time.

Pets for Seniors prefers credit or debit card at time of adoption due to our digital check-out process.  Please speak to an Adoption Specialist regarding exceptions.

Difficult circumstances can cause drastic changes in our lives. Whether its health concerns, the passing of a loved one, or a move, these changes affect the entire household, including your pet. As a responsible pet owner, you need to make the best choice for your pet.

PFS works with other alternative shelters to ease the quantity of cats and dogs going into animal control facilities where euthanasia may be an option. For this reason PFS takes animals from these facilities. We will also take back any animal that was adopted from us. If this applies to your pet, please fill out the surrender form and state that he or she was adopted from PFS.  Once we receive your application we will contact you about next steps.

If your animal was not adopted from our shelter or any other local shelter or rescue, here are some placements to consider:

  • Friend or family member – Chances are your pet is already familiar with them and will be less stressed in the transition. (Be careful handing your pet over to someone you do not know but may have found on-line or through an acquaintance.  Check references and talk to their veterinarian if they have pets to ensure they are responsible pet owners.  Consider writing a contract that outlines what they will do if they can no longer care for your pet.)

  • Community Resources –Contact the Bear Bites Foundation by going to their website: https://www.bearsbitesfoundation.org

  • Any animal control facility will take in animals. Contact PCAPS (formerly known as PAWS in Peoria), Tazwell County Animal Control in Tremont, or the Humane Society of Fulton County in Canton.