Difficult circumstances can cause drastic changes in our lives. Whether its health concerns, the passing of a loved one, or a move, these changes affect the entire household, including your pet. As a responsible pet owner, you need to make the best choice for your pet. Here are guidelines to consider when determining your pet’s future.

The best place for your pet is with you.  Ask yourself if you have explored all the community resources available to help you address not only your situation but your pet’s as well.  There are resources to help if you are in financial hardship, need help getting to doctor appointments, food delivery services and more.  There are even programs to help you deal with your pet’s medical or behavioral changes, help cover their major medical problems and provide temporary boarding.

The second placement to consider is with a friend or family member.  Chances are your pet is familiar with them and will be less stressed in transitioning to their home than to a shelter where everything and everyone is unknown.  You may even be able to continue to see your pet and assure yourself of their good care.  Do be careful handing your pet over to someone you do not know but may have found on-line or through an acquaintance.  Check references and talk to their veterinary if they have pets to ensure they are responsible pet owners.  Consider writing a contract that outlines what they will do if they can no longer care for your pet. 

The third option is for you to turn your pet into an animal control facility such as Peoria County Animal Protective Services in Peoria. Though the old notion of “kill shelters” no longer exists, you may feel more comfortable working with a smaller shelter.

This last option is for you to turn your pet into a shelter, such as Pets For Seniors.

At PFS, we care for each and every pet we take in, and that commitment is for the life of the animal.  That means that the pets we adopt are returned to us if the adopter can no longer care for them.  Because of that commitment, we manage our admissions to ensure that we can provide the quality care each pet requires. We consider current health, behavioral issues, medical needs and available adopters and/or fosters, among other things when considering an owner surrendered animal.  We strive to make the best decision for the animal and provide a smooth transition. 

Under these difficult circumstances in your life, and to have your pet considered for our adoption program, please complete the appropriate form below. Once submitted, we will contact you about next steps.