Welcome to Pets For Seniors & Pets for Saving

Pets for Seniors is an organization that matches cats and dogs from animal control facilities with senior citizens who might need a little help with the responsibilities of pet ownership.  Our Pets For Saving program is open to all ages.  We are a 501(c)3 organization registered with the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office.  This web site was designed by Tammy Finch at Web Services.

Why Choose PFS as Your Favorite Place to Adopt Your New Family Members?

Read below to hear about our strengths.

  • We humanize animals – we spend time socializing them & creating personal relationships with them prior to their adoptions –thanks to our volunteers & mostly our own Georgeann (Nanny G.)
  • We put importance on our adoption selection process.
  • All adopters are part of our PFS Family.
  • We display (primarily because of our wonderful director – Barb Cathey) honesty & integrity.
  • We never knowingly give a sick animal away by hiding the animal’s affliction.
  • We provide (to the best of our ability) for our animals’ medical needs.
  • We know our animals.
  • We try to help people when there are unexpected financial issues through Pets for Seniors.
  • We are open to working cooperatively with other shelters.
  • We will always take an animal back.
  • We are small & want to stay that way.
  • We take in senior animals.
  • We have great employees & volunteers.

Featured PETS

Pets for seniors

We match senior pets with senior people.  Our shelter was made possible by a grant from Dara’s Canine Foundation and the generosity of many individual contributors.

pets for saving

Learn how we help adoptable pets find homes.  You can visit our Facebook page to see current animals that are available for adoption.