These are just a few of our cats who are ready for a forever home!

Serious about adopting? Come by during our open hours. Better yet, fill out an Adoption Application in advance of your visit! Go here [Adoption Application] to fill it out online.

Call with any questions.

Pets For Seniors:



Queenie is about 12.  She is a very independent cat who is also very loving, sweet and affectionate. 
She came to us when her senior owner was no longer able to take care of her. 
She loves to be pet but also enjoys spending time on her own.
She may be best in a home with no other pets.


Tiggy is an 8 year old brown Tiger Striped cat with big eyes and a huge heart.  She is extremely affectionate and loving and will make a great pet for a senior. 

She was surrendered to us by her family who are retired and are moving to Arizona and they can’t take her with them. 

Tiggy was very loved and her previous owners want her to have a new life with people who will take excellent care of her.

She is fine with other cats.



Katie is between 10 and 12 years of age and is spayed. Her only owner passed away recently and we took her since she is such a sweet cat.

She is passive with other cats and would prefer being an only pet in a home.

She wants the attention and affection of humans. She loves chin rubs! She is in a foster home right now since she was too stressed out at the shelter.

She is waiting for her forever home so just let us know you want to meet her and we’ll arrange it!



Chipper is looking serious here because he is seriously looking for his forever home.

He is a 12 year old male, whose owner died. He is warm and affectionate, and loves people.

He’ll need a home who can afford monthly meds for his thyroid. It costs $45 per month, and is an easy to apply compound ointment (once daily on his ear).

He is okay with other cats and he would prefer being ignored by any dog.

“He is magnificent and absolutely a complete gentleman. He hasn’t met a person here he didn’t like and we have a wide range of ages.”

“He ALWAYS uses the litter box!”


Pets For Saving:



Snowball is about 2 years old. She is sweet and affectionate.

She was adopted earlier this year but returned recently because the adopter’s grandson developed allergies to cats.

She adjusted well to her adopter’s home but was not fond of the other cat in the house, though she did tolerate them.

She likes attention from our volunteers!



This is Lily! Isn’t she cute?

She is about 2 and looking for her new family! She loves people, and always comes to greet us.

She is okay around other cats, but would do great in a home where she is the only cat or around only one other. We just know that she will make a home complete!



Please help us get this girl into a home of her own! This is Sparkle. She has been with PFS for a little over a year. She is presently in a foster home, but is living in a heated/air conditioned work shop which she seems okay with, but she can’t live there much longer.

Sparkle is white and orange and is 2 – 3 years old. She didn’t do well living in the community environment at the shelter. When people would visit she’d follow them around and rub against their legs, but if they reached to rub her back, she’d nip at them. It was found that she was very constipated, which the vet said would be painful. She put her on Miralax once a day. At a dose of only 1/8 tsp a day, it lasts forever!

She was then taken to her foster home, just in case the shelter was too stressful for her. Sparkle has been there for a few months now. She is extremely affectionate, running to greet anyone that walks in the door! She loves to be pet anywhere on her body! Just a tap on a table is her cue to immediately jump up to get her Miralax, which is mixed with water and given by oral syringe. She takes it easily and seems to like it – sometimes she’ll lick it out of the tsp before it’s mixed!

She’s a bit chubby but believe it or not she doesn’t like canned food and is happy with just dry. She always uses her litterbox. Once in awhile she’ll play with a toy. She loves going out on a catio or lounging in her bed. She is not bothered by a small foster dog if it leaves her alone. She’ll jump in your lap for attention. She even caught a mouse! She would even be a good shop cat if she got attention during the day and it was temperature controlled. She’s already proven herself as a mouser. 



Journey came to PFS last fall with gorgeous kittens, who were all quickly adopted. She remains available to a loving home. She is about 3.5 years old, and has been spayed.

Journey is very friendly and affectionate, and loves lap time. She is also independent, and enjoys sleeping in comfy beds up high. So, she would love a tall cat tree. She tolerates other cats, but likes her ‘alone time,’ too. She may thrive in a home with no other pets.

She loves running water in the sink. Journey has a smaller cat body, and I really don’t see her shedding much at all.

Please consider giving this wonderful girl a forever home.



Jack is a declawed young cat who is about 2 years old.
He has a beautiful coat and is very affectionate.

We have learned that he gets very stressed out around kids.

He does great around adults and is a wonderful lap cat!



Harper is a Love Bug! 

She was brought in as a stray.  We think she was abandoned but she was never feral. 

She loves people, is not shy in the slightest and is very affectionate.  We think she is about 6 months old.



Andy and Adam are adorable 11 weeks old and loving! They just came to our shelter from a local animal control facility and they are sweethearts. Recently neutered and up to date on their shots!

They are each fine around other cats.



Hathaway is in a foster home, but is available for adoption. Contact us to meet him!

Hathaway is a beautiful cat with a very unique coloring. 

He was an adult stray when he was picked up and cared for by his rescuers.  He does not like other cats very much and would prefer to be an only pet. 

We think he is about 3 or 4 years of age.  He is neutered and has all of his claws.  He is a sweet boy who is very shy and needs a family of his own. 

Currently he is in a foster home since he and shelter life did not work. Just let us know you want to meet him and we’ll arrange it!