Pets for Seniors

Buddy is a great dog! He is housebroken, friendly to all including children, great with other dogs and cats, and quiet. He is around 9-10 yrs old. 10 chemical blood panel was normal & he’s had a recent dental. 40 lbs, but on a diet to get down to 35!

Larry is a 5 year old neutered male, who is friendly and mellow. Not declawed.

Candy is a 7 year old, spayed Shih Tzu female. She is housebroken and good with children. She’s had a recent surgery to remove bladder stones and will need to be on a prescription food for life to keep them from forming. Great dog!!!

Jasper looks like a big Silky or Yorkshire Terrier! He appears housebroken . Jasper is very energetic, so if you like walking dogs, he’d be perfect!!

Sadie is a black Poodle mix. She is approximately 12 pounds and spayed. She must be on an inexpensive medication because of a low thyroid condition. She is guessed to be about 7 years old. Sadie is very sweet and loving! She has been trained to use “pee pads” but is not housebroken to go outside.