Pets for Seniors

Please note: We have a 200 mile adoption radious from Peoria, IL.


Socks is a black and white female with sock on every leg and cute white whiskers. Her owner passed away. She lived successfully with other cats. Sock is petite – about 6 lbs. She is a sweet lap cat! Relatives thought she was 7 years old but our vet felt she was younger, so she may just be 6.

Chipper is an extremely affectionate lap cat! He’s a neutered male whose owner passed away. He is good with other non-aggressive cats. He is 12 years old and because he is hypo-thyroid, is on an inexpensive thyroid pill once a day which he takes easily. The cost for 100 days was about $24.00.

Sawyer is an extremely affectionate lap cat once you give him a week or so to get to trust you. He’s big and overweight. Sawyer is only 2-3 years old, which is younger than usual to qualify for this program – but as much as he loves people, he doesn’t do well with other animals and needs to be an only pet, therefore we would put him in this program.


Brutus is a neutered male Chihuahua that weighs about 8 lbs. We were told that he was 8-9 but we believe he is at least 10. He has just had a dental with 4 extractions so now his teeth are in good shape! He also had a blood panel done that showed him to be healthy. We are giving him over the counter Cosequin for a bit of arthritis.

Darma is a very sweet and friendly Malti-Poo who is believed to be 10 years old. She is spayed and up to date on shots etc. Darma is fine with cats and other small dogs. We believe that she may be almost deaf.