Pets for Seniors

Larry is a sweet 5 year old neutered male. He will follow you around and loves to be pet but isn’t really a lap cat. He could be though in the right home!

Clara is a grey & white tabby. She is both a polydactyl (extra toes) & a bob tail. She is a petite, very sweet lap cat and would be best as an only pet.


Alexander is a very friendly neutered Himalayan around 5 to 6 years of age,  He seems okay with other cats.     

Billy is a15 pound red and white mix that looks like a tiny St Bernard! He is very shy at first but soon warms up and is very sweet. He is OK with other dogs and cats.

Sandy is 8-9 years old and weighs 18.5 lbs. She is well housebroken, calm and friendly. Sandy had a dental recently and is easy to walk.